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best hitler book YOU'LL ever read 

John Toland's book is unique and authentic, because he got much of his information from the original sources. He knew Leni Rifensthl, the woman who made Triumph of the Will, as well as other propaganda films. He knew Hitler's secretaries and adjutants.

Toland exposes Hitler for what he was; a madman of the times. Yet, Hitler did have a specious human side. He was a talented artist and avid listener of Bruckner and Wagner. 

Some of Tolands anecdotes are actually amusing, like the time Hitler complemented on a particular recipe and inquired what was in it. Martin Bormann immediately left the table and returned about an hour later. Clicking his heals and saluting, he announced, "Mein Fuhrer, the ingredients of the sauce is..." Even Hitler himself was a bit flabbergasted by Bormann's response.

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