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Inside Special Education

     The author never intended to become a Special Ed. teacher. He only did so because he was driven out of General Education by administrators who demanded that he follow a curriculum that would ultimately be proven a dismal failure. Teaching Special Ed. kids turned out to be his forte, and he never regretted that decision. It was a decision that unfortunately resulted in a horrendous nightmare. 


     This book may, at times, seem as though it belongs on the fiction shelf. Much of it is just that shocking. These horror stories come straight out of the author's own archives and are told with accuracy and precision. It is a documentation of spending 20 years in what the author calls “the snake pit”.



  This book is authentic. Everything in it is true and really happened. Parts of it are heartwarming and inspirational. Much of it, however, is disturbing; even shocking. While reading it, you may wonder how could all of these horrible things go on in a public school? Believe me, it did. I know, because I was there and able to document everything. 

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Before you even THINK of becoming a Special Ed. teacher, you need to read this book.


You will never read a more honest book about the educational system than this one.


Parts of this book will make you laugh. Some of it may make you cry. Much of it will make you angry.



Thrilling in the extreme, Inside Special Education is a definite page-flipper.


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Inside Special Education

Two Decades in the Snake Pit


Dedicated to my attorney, 

Jeffrey R. Boxer

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