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Index of Names



  • Adam Milan – Very handsome, unassuming boy with low IQ and a severe learning disability. Helped to save Enrique's life by alerting me that he was choking.

  • Adrain Gonzales – Mentally retarded boy whose name was misspelled at birth. Called the cops on his father.

  • Alex Nieves – Jacob Nieves' little brother. Alex was a good-natured boy with a great attitude.

  • Alfredo Gimendez – A very kind, mentally retarded boy who was molested by his big brother.

  • Antonio Novales – Very autistic boy with almost no verbal skills. Should have been in SH-SDC.

  • Bertha Murillo – Mentally retarded girl who should have been in SH-SDC. Cried all the time for attention. Bertha's mother was in denial over her daughter and created problems.

  • Brandon Gutierrez – Mildly autistic boy (possibly Asperger syndrome) who was obsessed with learning about dinosaurs and animals.

  • Carlos Dominguez – Carlos had severe learning disabilities, epilepsy, and severe behavior issues. Father was an illegal alien who was deported twice.

  • Carlos Lopez – Very handsome boy who was mentally disturbed. Foster mother turned him back over to the court because he became too violent.

  • Cesar Vega – Fun-loving boy with muscular dystrophy. Was a victim of bullying.

  • Christina Morano – Girl who was forced to take Zoloft and Zyprexa because her grandmother believed she was mentally ill. Her entire family was on meds.

  • Claude, Clyde, Clinton Cunningham – Three mentally retarded brothers who lived across the street from me when I was in the 7th grade.

  • Cristian Cortez – Very sweet little boy who was approaching the final stages of muscular dystrophy.

  • Damian Robinson – Black student with learning disabilities.

  • Daniel Crespo – Handsome boy with a severe learning disability and behavioral issues. Right when I got Daniel's behavior under control, he moved away; probably, because I reported child abuse on his mother.

  • Dante Serrano – Good-looking boy with very low self-esteem and severe behavioral problems. Dante knew he was learning disabled and thought life was unfair.

  • Darlene Cogan – Mauricio's younger sister who was learning handicapped.

  • Darren Gilroy – Nice boy whose mother wrote a letter to the school board and governor on my behalf.

  • Darren Rivera – Mentally disturbed foster child with severe behavior problems.

  • Edmundo Rivas – Learning-disabled boy who ended up at a non-public school after attacking his mother with a knife.

  • Enrique Cruz-Montano – Nice boy with learning disabilities. I saved his life after Adam alerted me that he was choking.

  • Francisco Dominguez – Learning-disabled boy who used to cry for his mother. His father was a very nice man who played violin in a mariachi band.

  • Gary Carrasco – A heavyset mentally retarded boy who caused many problems, such as telling kids on the playground that I was having sex with some of my female students.

  • Hugo Espinoza – One of my favorite students of all time, and a boy with remarkable courage. Edgar was born with spina-bifida and became seriously ill when his shunt stopped working twice in a row. 

  • Jacob Nieves – Learning-disabled boy who was Alex's big brother. Jacob was more retarded than he was learning disabled. He used to steal his father's toys and bring them to school.

  • Jaime Gonzales – Severely autistic boy with no verbal skills. We used to call him the “Energizer Bunny”.

  • Jimmy Tearheimer – The little boy in my 1st grade class who almost drove Mrs. Weaver insane. She wrapped masking tape around his head & mouth. Then, she sent him home with a note pinned to his shirt.

  • Jonah Griego – Very autistic boy who was severely ADHD. Jonah eventually ended up in SH-SDC.

  • Jose “Eddie” Montez – We used to call him “Eddie”, because he looked like Eddie Munster. A nice boy who was learning disabled. Only problem: he was a pervert.

  • Josué Herrera – Qualified for Special Ed. under OHI because of a severe case of ADHD.

  • Kenneth Yaghoobnezhad – Learning-disabled boy whose former teacher said he would never be able to read. Kenneth's father came from Iran. His brother, Uncle Ernie, was in Mrs. Carpenter's mentally retarded class (Room 10) at the junior high when I was attending.

  • Lenin Sanchez – Hard-working boy with a severe learning disability. I taught him to read and write. By the time Lenin was in 8th grade, he left the Special Day class. He eventually went on to college and graduated. He returned to thank me for teaching him how to read.

  • Gabby Morales -- A very pretty girl, but a pathological liar.

  • Martin Rosalez – Very nice boy with DiGeorge syndrome. Martin should have been placed in SH-SDC.

  • Mauricio Cogan – A very well-behaved Native American boy. Mauricio was very overweight and would eat just about anything. He had a phenomenal memory for birthdates, but was mentally retarded. His sister was Darlene Cogan.

  • Melissa Sanchez – Mentally retarded girl who believed that my dog Heidi could drive an ice cream truck.

  • Miguel Grego – Severely emotionally disturbed boy who cause many problems. Miguel bullied my aide, Anna. He also bullied Cristian. Principal Luz Perez got Anna fired because of him.

  • Mike Bravo – Born with spina bifida. Very talkative and appeared to have a normal IQ, but Mike was mentally retarded.

  • Nathan Medina – A nice little boy with myatonic dystrophy and learning disabilities.

  • Oscar Smirnoff – Mary Lou Smirnoff's adopted son.

  • Peter Martinez – Autistic student who loved pretending to be Spiderman.

  • Ramiro Santana – A bully with severe behavior problems. One of the only children I came to hate

  • Ricardo “Ricky” Dominguez – Very skinny boy with hair down to his butt. His mother alleges that he's Native American and insists that everybody cater to him. Most of her best friends are incarcerated, and she teaches Ricky that they are really very nice people.

  • Richard Bailey – Very nice boy with learning disabilities and a stuttering problem. His father was in jail.

  • Robert Mateos – A nice boy with learning disabilities. I used to call him “Robert Benchley” because I often had him sit on the bench for bothering others.

  • Rodney Azzaro – A feisty little boy with severe learning disabilities and a behavior problem. He bullied his brother for being effeminate.

  • Rosemary Herrera – A 3rd grade student with learning disabilities and emotionally disturbed. She was my student during my first year as a Special Ed. teacher. Lived with her grandmother who thought she was possessed by the devil.

  • Sango Grier – Small, black boy who was born premature and with severe learning disabilities. Always wore a heavy jacket, even on hot days.

  • Sergio Guerrero – Boy with a cleft palate, learning disabilities, and Robinow syndrome. Sergio and I got along very well in spite of his behavior issues.

  • Zachary Hicks – Nice boy with severe learning disabilities. Very lazy with a horrific attendance record.




  • Miss Alcala – A morbidly obese General Ed. teacher.

  • Mr. Alfaro – The president of our union local.

  • Mr. Abel Alhambra – Principal I used to work with. Left the district for a better job and was “stabbed in the back” by his “own people.”

  • Joe Alvarez – Personnel director who filed a Skelly against me.

  • Mr. Babbit – Principal at the elementary school I attended. A very nice man.

  • Dr. Karen Bedloe – Personnel director for the district.

  • Mrs. “Moe” Blumenthal – Principal who took over when Mrs. Menendez retired. Moe was eventually forced to leave the district, because no school wanted her and teachers were protesting against her. She got Mrs. Smirnoff fired and tried to get me fired, too.

  • Mrs. Bodega – A General Ed. teacher at North Elementary.

  • Mr. Brockhaus – Taught metal shop at the junior high school I went to. He was very sadistic and used to swat kids for fun.

  • Miss Buaer – Very attractive Asian teacher that my best friend fantasized over in the 7th grade.

  • Deputy Pelarta – Threatened to arrest me at school in front of my students unless I signed a confession.

  • Mr. Caballero – A tall General Ed. teacher who taught Spanish-speaking kids.

  • Mr. Alex Campos – Personnel director who wrote me a great letter of recommendation.

  • Mrs. Guadalupe Castro – Duplicitous former aide of mine who became a spy for “Moe” Blumenthal in hopes of being rewarded with a better job.

  • Mr. Cisneros – My penultimate aide who served time in San Quentin. He was wheelchair bound after being shot trying to a hold-up a market.

  • Dr. Derwood Cogswell – Psychiatrist who fought against me when I tried to get Darren Rivera placed in a classroom for the emotionally disturbed, which he finally was.

  • Mr. Tony Columbo – A chronic alcoholic, but the best principal the north middle school ever had.

  • Mr. Cunningham – Father of three mentally retarded boys: Claude, Clyde, & Clinton.

  • Miss Anna Davila – The best aide I have ever worked with. Her loyalty to me got her fired.

  • Mrs. Maxine Diez – Former aide who knew nothing about Special Education and used to talk against me behind my back.

  • Ms. Dovalina – A 2nd grade General Ed. teacher at North Elementary.

  • Mr. Enfield – Mr. Babcock's vice principal. Enfield was very strict and used the paddle a lot.

  • Mr. Gilbert Garza – Former superintendent.

  • Griego – Rodney Azzaro's counselor who worked with him once a week and never made any progress.

  • Mr. Hamilton – Mr. Hamilton taught General Ed. and was also a union rep. He was a spy for the principal, Ms. Perez, and caused me a lot of problems.

  • Miss Heinz – The last aide I ever had.

  • Mrs. Hernandez – My first aide. She was one of the best. Transferred to another school after Jonah Griego's mother upbraided her in front of the principal with a long series of petty and ridiculous complaints.

  • Miss Holbrook – 5th grade teacher.

  • Mrs. Maria Hurtago – Psychologist who was also the program specialist for the district. Not an easy one to work with.

  • Mr. Jack Johnson – Former teacher and good friend of mine. Was arrested for selling drugs. Had Parkinson's disease and eventually died of it.

  • Mrs. Helen Levine – LH-SDC teacher whom I used to work with.

  • Mr. Al Logas – Became principal at the north middle school. Then, promoted to Personnel Director.

  • Mr. Loveall – Taught 6th grade at the elementary school I attended as a child. Then, transferred to the junior high where he got beat up by one of the teachers. He used to force the 7th grade boys to line up naked so that he could examine their genitals. He frequently walked around the classroom with an erection.

  • Mr. Maldonado – Taught SH-SDC. Mr. Maldonado was never targeted by the principal, Ms. Perez, because he once caught her drunk at a bar with her boyfriend, according to another teacher, Mrs. Merujo.

  • Mr. Malon – A very nice General Ed. teacher I teamed with.

  • Mrs. Liza Martingale – LH-SDC teacher who made up lies against me and then denied doing it.

  • Mr. Amos Menendez – Mrs. Menendez's son. He was a middle-school principal. Had served in Desert Storm and was an avid hunter and gun enthusiast.

  • Mrs. Dora Menendez – Became principal at Bell Elementary after Mr. Alhambra left the district for a better job.

  • Mrs. Karen Merujo – Cute, blond General Ed. teacher who turned on me during a crisis.

  • Mr. Ron Montero – Principal who helped me get a permanent position with the district. Mr. Montero was arrested for assaulting a teenager.

  • Mr. Edmund Morales – A verbally abusive General Ed. teacher.

  • Mr. Jesus Moya – A former principal and administrator. Was caught by a custodian having sex with the school secretary in his office late at night.

  • Mrs. Nissan – General Ed. teacher I used to work with. A fantastic teacher and a real friend.

  • Mr. Huey Novak – The vice principal at the junior high school I attended. Looked like a drill sergeant and a frequent user of the paddle.

  • Mr. Ben Olivera – Former classmate of mine who told me to be a substitute teacher.

  • Mr. Ortega – Ruben Perez's incompetent vice principal.

  • Ms. Christy Paez – Speech pathologist who was very helpful and easy to work with.

  • Mr. Louie Perez – One of the most incompetent teachers of all time.

  • Ms. Luz Perez – Principal at North Elementary and daughter of Ruben Perez. Created much hatred and animosity among the staff. Held vendettas against certain teachers, especially SDC teachers. Tried her best to get me arrested and fired.

  • Mr. Ruben Perez – Highly incompetent boob who was principal of the north middle school until he got demoted. He was also the father of Luz Perez.

  • Mrs. Maggie Phillips – Cousin of Mrs. Nissan and a wonderful principal to work with.

  • Mrs. Linda Reynoso – A former aide of mine.

  • Mr. Rios – A 5th grade General Ed. teacher at North Elementary.

  • Mr. Jimmy Romero – Highly incompetent teacher at the north middle school who used to physically abuse his students by throwing them out of the classroom and locking them out. Mr. Columbo finally forced him into early retirement.

  • Mrs. Mary Lou Smirnoff – General Ed. teacher who was morbidly obese and disabled. Mary Lou was one of my best friends. Moe got her fired from the district.

  • Mr. Somero – General Ed. teacher at North Elementary.

  • Mr. Rudolf Stryker – The Austrian psychologist who helped a great deal in getting around Ms. Perez, a principal who caused major problems.

  • Mrs. Talavera – A General Ed. teacher at North Elementary.

  • Miss Tammy – An aide for Mr. Maldonado.

  • Mrs. Jan Thune – Speech teacher who became the program director for the district.

  • Mr. Rob Tobia – Night custodian. A nice guy with no ambition.

  • Mrs. Velasquez – A General Ed. teacher and friend at Bell Elementary.

  • Monica Venegas – Darren Gilroy's mother. 




Inside Special Education

Two Decades in the Snake Pit


Dedicated to my attorney, 

Jeffrey R. Boxer

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