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The Chapters


01. Flat on My Face - March 1976

02. The Geneses of My Life

03. My French Influence

04. Musical Roots and Childhood

05. The Vietnam War Era

06. Wannabe Musicians and Reality

07. Dave’s Coffee Shop – circa1974

08. Good Old Joe - Enter Rhonda

09. My First Opus

10. Wally - Man of No Trust Whatsoever

11. The Boiler Room - Enter Phil

12. Abe – The1 Most Eccentric Musician Since Erik Satie

13. The Oak Room - 1984

14. Substitute Teaching and Last-Leggers - circa 1983

15. The Bass

16. David A. Pennalton - circa 1983

17. My First Real Teaching Job – circa 1987

18. Roman - King of All Squids

19. Riverview's Motley Staff

20. Katy and The Reverend Crack

21. Dennis Pleasant – The Man Who Saved My Life

22. Phil - Now, More Than Just a Friend

23. Fun with Pison

24. More Fun with Pison!

25. A Very Close Call

26. My Hot Mexican Opus

27. End of the Waiting Period

28. Italian Bombshell 

29. Crossing That Thin, Red Line

30. Kiss of Trouble

31. Veronica's Surprise Visit

32. Iceberg Ahead

33. Never One for Playing it Safe

34. Three Haunting Pictures

35. Thanksgiving Eve

36. Karl Feingold Comes to L.A.

37. The Thanksgiving Soiree

38. Willie’s Ready Room

39. Entelechy

40. The New “Holiday” Program

41. Phil Disappears to New York

42. El Día de los Muertos

43. Phil Returns from New York

44. Riverbed Sanctuary

45. Smile

46. Fatal Error

47. The Downward Spiral Begins

48. I Think You Know Why We’re Here

49. Battleship Gray


51. Mr. Fazio Refuses to be Undersold

52. First Meeting at Mr. Fazio’s Law Office

53. Second Meeting with Mr. Fazio

54. Sabotage of the QX-10

55. What’s That on Your Head?

56. Not Like Will and Ariel

57. Sir Eugene Goossens, My Tragic Idol

58. They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

59. Cemetery at Hughson

60. Les Adieux, Baby Grand

61. Paradise Cove

62. Cocktail Party at the Fazios

63. Hurdy Gurdy Man

64. Arc-en-Ciel

65. Where Do I Go?

66. La Campanella

67. Advice from the Late Alan Watts

68. Mattinata

69. PCH and CHP

70. The Lawn Nigger at Lompoc

71. Onward to Monterey

72. The Giant Dipper

73. Back to Where They Leave the Light on for You

74. White Trash Wedding

75. Back to L.A.

76. From Bachelor Apartment to Married Condo

77. Little Joe's

78. Your Fucking Wife!

79. I Will Love You Forever

80. Take No Day for Granted

Mahler looking dignified. Life Ain't Kind
Mahler hiking in the Alps. Life Ain't Kind.
Rare picture of Alma Mahler & daughter, Anna. Life Ain't Kind.
Rare picture of Gustav Mahler & daughter Anna.

"Mahler’s music is definitely not for everybody, but the essence of his music is something we all come to terms with. A Mahler symphony is often thought of as a symphony of death, but to me, his music expresses the world in its totality." Life Ain't Kind -- Chapter 3








"As the plane became evanescent, the fourth movement of Mahler's Ninth Symphony, marked Adagio Sehr langsam und noch zurückhaltend, began to play in my head. My entire world had finally collapsed"... Life Ain't Kind -- Chapter 80

ISBN: 1494808358

LCCN: 2013923664

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