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The Idea Behind Life Ain't Kind

Life Ain't Kind began with sketches in 1975 after reading The Catcher in the Rye and The Stranger, not to mention many other stories and plays by various existentialists such as Jean Paul Sartre. I was asked to create a novel that would ultimately become a cult classic like Catcher, but, at the time, I wasn't prepared. I needed more training and experience before committing to such a Herculean task.   

The Foundation For Life Ain't Kind


Life Ain't Kind is based on, both, academic and empirical knowledge from a wide variety of sources. The novel is authentic. The characters are real people with strong personalities and the events that take place are stronger than fiction. Nat Cosgray's story is told in the 1st person. It isn't a story that he wanted to tell, but one that he would like to forget. It is a nightmare that he would like to get out of his system. Perhaps, the only way of purging it is by writing about it.

Meaning & Importance of Life Ain't Kind 


Life Ain't Kind is a novel that makes you feel like you've learned something while reading it. In addition to lessons on life, there is a considerable amount of factual detail from beginning to end. It is a highly controversial novel that encompasses much more than classical music. The novel is eclectic, far-reaching, intriguing-- one you will read from start to finish without ever getting bored.




How the Story came to be

ISBN: 1494808358

LCCN: 2013923664

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